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More Patients Surviving Heart Failure In Hospital Than Ever Before, Study Finds

More Patients Surviving Heart Failure In Hospital Than Ever Before, Study Finds

More patients are surviving heart failure when admitted to hospital than ever before, according to a new study of hospitals in England and Wales.

The National Heart Failure Audit found that 8.9% of patients had died in 2015-16, down from 9.6% the previous year, saving around 500 lives.

The fall in deaths has been attributed to a greater number of patients accessing specialist care shortly after arriving at the hospital. Over the period in question, 80% of those suffering from heart failure saw a heart specialist and 90% had a detailed scan of the organ. The study also found that a greater number of patients were prescribed three key medicines for heart failure.

The audit said: “This year’s report shows modest but important improvements, which are to be celebrated.”

However, although progress has been made, it warned that more needs to be done to ensure a greater number of patients survive: “An 8.9% in-patient mortality cannot be accepted and requires urgent attention within every acute trust admitting patients with heart failure.”

Sir Bruce Keogh, national medical director at NHS England added: “Increasing number of patients are getting specialist help and the full range of treatments thanks to years of world-leading scientific and clinical research and the efforts of NHS staff.

“It is a very significant problem, and we recognise that there is scope for even more improvement – but the progress highlighted today will be a spur for us to do even more to improve care and survival rates.”