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Why Is The NHS So Popular With Overseas Doctors?

Why Is The NHS So Popular With Overseas Doctors?

Thanks to an ageing population along with various funding pressures, the UK’s health service is facing its fair share of challenges. Although changes need to be made across our health and social care services, the NHS is still the envy of many foreign countries. In fact, it was recently ranked the best hospital system for the second time in a row.

Due to the NHS’ worldwide reputation for offering free and quality healthcare to all, people from around the world place it on their list of reasons they’d love to move to the UK. It’s not only patients who adore the service, many overseas GPs and medical practitioners flock to the NHS with dreams of becoming a part of the award winning team themselves.

GMC figures from the end of 2016 show that 102,599 doctors registered to practice in the UK originally qualified overseas. Of those, 15,156 were general practitioners working in clinics across the country.

Whether they’re seeking better pay than that offered at home or wishing to immerse themselves in an industry praised for clinical excellence, there are a multitude of reasons why medical professionals from overseas decide to embark on a fresh start in the UK.

Diverse Choice of Vacancies

Despite its many benefits, the NHS is experiencing a staff shortage. This means that for those living in countries where medically trained staff outnumber job vacancies, a move to the UK can make perfect sense. For many, this move may initially be purely financial, but these very doctors often fall in love with the UK health service and the flexibility it often offers.

By coming to the UK, not only do doctors improve their chances of getting a job in medicine, they often get to take their pick of a multitude of vacancies to find the exact role for them.

Career Development Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities within the NHS for career development and growth. From being immersed in the fast paced environment of A&E to embracing the training courses offered across a multitude of GP surgeries, there are countless opportunities for medical professionals to push their skills to the limit and expand their knowledge.

IMH’s Induction and Refresher (I&R) course is just one opportunity that is proving extremely popular with overseas GPs. The course is designed to help GPs prepare for various aspects of the I&R pathway.

Opportunities to Travel

Many overseas doctors look to join the NHS with the intention of living in large cities like London or Manchester, only to end up besotted with areas they may have never heard of before. Thankfully, it’s never been easier for overseas doctors to travel across the UK and experience different clinics and working environments.

Here at IMH, we’re passionate about providing general practitioners with a flexible career that’s designed to cater for their own unique dreams and aspirations. Whether a GP wants to work their way up through a clinic in their chosen area or move from one primary care site to another, we can help.

We have a number of practices, walk-in clinics and urgent care centres across the UK and we feel strongly about helping those who operate within these teams to enjoy their work.

To learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch with the team.