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Millions Of Brits ‘Too Busy’ To Be Healthy, According To New Poll


Millions of Britons are ‘too busy’ to embrace a healthy lifestyle, according to a new poll.

Of the 2,000 adults surveyed by Mindful Chef, more than half wanted to eat healthily and increase the amount of exercise they do, but felt their hectic lifestyles prevented them acting on their good intentions.

Two thirds admitted that they often eat ‘badly’ because they don’t have time to prepare healthy meals, while 75% said that they skip meals completely for the same reason.

Three quarters say they avoid going to the gym because they have too much to do and a fifth say they’ve cancelled memberships completely due to difficulty finding time in their schedules.

When it comes to preparing healthy meals, one third said that they don’t have time to plan ahead and six in 10 say it’s difficult to find recipes that inspire them to eat more nutritious meals.

A whopping 68% said that when they do find time to buy food from supermarkets, they choose unhealthy meals because they believe they are easier and quicker to prepare.

With two thirds of respondents admitting that they’re worried about the impact their lifestyles have on their health, a lack of knowledge certainly isn’t to blame.

The study could suggest that although many people are aware what they need to do to improve their health, problems arise when it comes to putting this knowledge into practice.

With desk jobs becoming increasingly common in this digital age, it’s becoming harder for people to achieve the levels of activity so often recommended by health professionals.

Here are just a few ways time-pressed Brits could introduce more exercise into their lives:

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier each morning for a quick home workout
  • Take the stairs if and when possible
  • Step away from your desk on your lunch break and go for a walk
  • Invest in modest home gym equipment that can be used in front of the TV. This could be something small and affordable like a skipping rope or box step, or something more expensive like an exercise bike
  • Plan activities with the family that involve exercise such as hiking, ice skating or playing football

Here are a few ways people can improve their diet without taking too much time out of their day:

  • Follow healthy bloggers on Instagram for recipe inspiration
  • Create a Pinterest board so you can save recipes you like the look of all in one place
  • Commit to learning one new healthy recipe a week
  • Cook healthy meals in bulk, separate the meal into tupperware tubs and freeze them for later