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Amongst the rolling hills of the Shropshire countryside you will find one of the most tranquil environments Britain has to offer, a gentle atmosphere which can also be seen within the IMH practices dotted around the county. In Telford, Shrewsbury and beyond you will find modern IMH practices serving their communities with the 21st Century medical care Shropshire deserves, and we would like you to be a part of that.

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Enjoy Flexibility

The clinical vacancies Shropshire’s IMH practices have to offer are located in walk-in centres, GP practices and urgent care centres – and each one subscribes to the promotion of personal development and well-being for its staff. We put your needs on a par with those of our patients and practice targets, allowing you to fulfil your true potential and enjoy a harmonious work-life balance like nowhere else.

Feel Supported

As a place to begin or develop your clinical career Shropshire’s IMH practices could not offer a more supportive workplace. By providing our staff with the work environment they require – whether that involves tailored contracts, training opportunities or support with administrative tasks – we are subsequently able to offer an even better front-line healthcare service to the people of Shropshire. We take pride in the fact that our IMH practices are known for this uniquely staff-oriented approach, as we feel that it ultimately benefits our patients more than anyone. Our staff enjoy increased contact time and a more personal community role within our practices, and this includes everyone from General Practitioners and Nurses through to Pharmacists and Physician’s Associates.

Discover Opportunities

The varied opportunities for progression we provide means that the medical jobs Shropshire’s IMH practices have can often lead to leadership roles within the company. Or, if you would prefer to develop a specialism within your field, we can facilitate this by ring-fencing study time to give you the best chance of advancing your particular skillset.  Wherever your ambitions lie within the clinical sector, medical careers in Shropshire’s IMH practices offer an excellent opportunity for any healthcare professional, so why not take a look at some of our vacancies today.

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