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The medical jobs in London IMH practices range from careers as a General or Nurse Practitioner through to fulfilling roles as a Pharmacist or Physician’s Associate. These opportunities are located in walk-in centres, GP practices and urgent care centres – with each one committed to treating the needs of its professionals equally alongside those of their patients and practice.

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Our nation’s capital provides the healthcare service with a raft of unique challenges on a daily basis, yet amongst the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities you will find a distinctly more measured atmosphere at one of our London IMH practices scattered around the city. A global city such as London demands the provision of truly 21st Century medical care, and we aim to provide that by supporting the personal and professional well-being of our staff. Striving to achieve the practice targets agreed with Clinical Commissioning Groups is of course important, but equally so is the provision of a harmonious work-life balance for our employees.

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To facilitate this mantra the clinical careers London’s IMH practices provide are designed to give you ample opportunity for self-development and progression. If you are seeking a role which allows you to add specialisms or extra skill-sets, our ring fenced training time enables you to enjoy personal growth without interference from your everyday tasks.

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Those who manage to display consistent leadership qualities during their time with us will also be offered senior roles within the company, as we make it a priority to retain our very best clinicians. But we also understand that professional issues are far from your only concern, which is why we offer tailored contracts with flexible working hours for those who need to fit their clinical career around their home life.

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