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The medical vacancies Dudley’s IMH practices offer can be found in many different locations, including GP practices, urgent care centres, walk-in facilities and many other front line healthcare providers. If you are looking for a way to progress your medical career in a supportive and developmental environment, then apply for one of IMH’s clinical jobs in Dudley today.

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Good Work-Life Balance

Within the medical vacancies at Dudley IMH you’ll find a more modern approach to healthcare provision which considers the needs of its professionals as equal to those of its patients. We want to serve the people of the West Midlands as best we can, and to do this we believe that all medical staff, from GP’s and Nurses through to Pharmacists and Physician’s Assistants, should all be able to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Progression Opportunities

The medical careers Dudley’s IMH practices offer provide this in abundance by considering the individual requirements of its clinicians in both a personal and professional context. If you are looking for training and progression opportunities then our ring-fenced study time and senior leadership pathways provide plenty of scope to develop both your skill-set and your professional standing.

We’re Flexible

If you have personal requirements regarding family or other external commitments we are also happy to tailor your contract to meet these needs. With term-time hours and early starts all on offer, a clinical career at Dudley IMH is flexible enough to fit around even the most hectic home life.

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