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5 Inspiring Reasons to Become A GP

become a gp

With a degree in medicine, there are countless career possibilities available to you. From training to become a surgeon to pursuing a career as a research scientist, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the career path for you.

If you’re reluctant to specialise in one area specifically and enjoy diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions, it may be worth embarking on a career in general practice. Here are just 5 reasons to become a GP:

Every day is different

If you’re looking for a career where no two days are the same, becoming a general practitioner may inspire you to leap out of bed each morning with excitement for the day ahead. Each day you’ll meet different people and hear stories from so many voices.

You may see between 30-40 patients a day and before you’re ready for your second coffee of the morning, you’ve treated a child with an ear infection, a teenager with chronic migraines, and a new mother with post natal depression.

You’ll build long lasting relationships with your patients

Although every day is different and you’ll keep meeting new people, you’re likely to build relationships with many of your patients over time. You may be the first person patients turn when they’re feeling unwell and by providing them with the best care and attention, you’ll earn the respect and gratitude of those you help.  

You’ll be immersed in a meaningful career

Keen for a career where your work is truly meaningful? Becoming a GP could give you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Whether you suspect someone may have cancer and refer them for further tests or you help a new mum through a difficult pregnancy, every day you’ll be helping people. You’ll be changing (and even saving) people’s lives on a regular basis.

A career in general practice is well paid

Pursuing a career in medicine for the salary alone would probably not be a wise move. After all, it’s important to be passionate about the work you do. However, if you feel as though you were born to be a doctor and you have an overwhelming desire to help others, the strong salary that comes with being a GP can make all your hard work even more worthwhile.

The role is likely to have an element of flexibility

Many GPs are able to decide when and where they work, making general practice one of the most flexible options for those who wish to work in medicine. This element of flexibility can make it easier to spend time with your family, learn new skills and travel.

You’ll also have the opportunity to pursue a wide variety of roles. You may get chance to teach other colleagues, work with charities and health care organisations, research conditions and cures, and perhaps develop an area of special interest and expertise.

Being a GP is by no means an easy job. You’ll have a lot of responsibility and you’ll be trusted to help hundreds of people maintain good health. You’ll need to be inquisitive, an excellent communicator, a great sympathiser and willing to go the extra mile to help other people.

If you like to be busy, you’re a curious thinker, and a compassionate carer who never wants to stop learning, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with our team to learn more about this flexible and rewarding role in medicine.