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Richard BaxterComing from a traditional partnership and locum GP background, what appealed to me about IMH and the Clinical Lead role was the opportunity for creativity within a practice and directing it in a manner which is sustainable. I’ve found the group to be pioneering and experimental, so it’s exciting to be a part of this within NHS general practice.

In addition to my clinical GP work, I’ve been given the chance to be involved in the business management of the practice and directing service provision in line with what CCGs are proposing. We’re keen to be at the forefront of local services, and with the experience and backing of the IMH support structure, it allows me to be a player within this field.

Richard Baxter, Clinical Director in Southampton



 I had decided to move to the UK to work as a GP long before I finished my training in Portugal. I contacted a dozen or so companies, practices, recruiters, but IMH really caught my eye from the very first moment. IMH offered me a temporary position while I went through the Induction & Refresher Scheme, so I could move to the UK early, and promised me a permanent position once the Scheme was finished. 

Moving to a new country and restarting your life is always a difficult process, but IMH provided help and support well beyond the professional scope. I had help with finding a new place to live, dealing with all the bureaucracy, managing my GMC registration and revalidation. The consistently positive and friendly attitude of all their team members made what would have otherwise have been a very stressful change into a fluid and organic transition into my new life in the UK.

I am now about to start the last stage of the I&R process, and I could not be happier with my decision to move to the UK and that is greatly thanks to IMH.

Gui Santos, GP in Kent


I started working for IMH as locum streaming nurse in May 2015, during this time I worked at the new Urgent Care Centre based at Russell’s Hall hospital in Dudley. In September 2015 I was offered the position of Nursing and Education Lead for the Dudley Urgent Care Centre and Out of hours.

I had no experience in primary care, my nursing experience has mainly been in Emergency care, management and Education. However I have received a huge amount of support and encouragement to develop professionally and succeed from both the operational manger and the Clinical director for the Dudley Urgent Care Centre and Out of Hours. I feel that I’m valued for both the skills and experience I have and the work I do. I have really enjoyed my two years with the company, and at this stage in my career could not be happier.

Nina Patel – Nursing Education Lead – Dudley Urgent Care Centre and OHH



I became part of the IMH group when I transferred in as a Practice Manager following a change in the contract provider for the practice I worked at. As such I have experience of working as a Practice Manager within three different organisations, this has given me an insight as to how different organisations work and why I hold the views I do about IMH. I like the vision of IMH and the support I am provided with, during my time with IMH I have been given the opportunity to undertake several development opportunities which have enable me to develop my experience and skill set as a Practice Manager.

I enjoy working for IMH and believe they differ to other employers in primary care, they give me the tools and support to drive the practice forward, to own and drive the clinical skill mix with the lead clinician to ensure we can meet patients’ needs. They also enable me to have sufficient time and resources to do my day job by providing a team of area experts such as Compliance, Clinical leadership, Payroll, Finance, Recruitment and Human Resources. I am excited for the future with IMH and being part of a business where we are at the for front of meeting patient needs, providing an outstanding service and meeting the expectations of the changing world of primary care.

Fiona Edwards, Practice Manager in Banbury


I am proud to say I have worked for IMH since its inception so I have seen it grow and bloom. I was promoted into this post as I have a background in complaints management and with support from my colleagues, I have learnt so much and still learn something new every day!

I provide day to day support to Practice Managers who need assistance with complaints and incidents and I am responsible for dealing with those that cannot be dealt with at practice level. Where complaints/potential claims involve our clinical staff, I provide support and advice to them throughout the whole process.

In addition, I also guide staff through the CQC Registration process and I’m part of the team which helps each practice prepare for inspections.

My priority is to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care, however we also want the best for our staff.  That’s why the support network IMH offers is so important – nobody is on their own.

I love my job and am so pleased to be part of the IMH team.

Heather Whitehouse, Patient Relationship Manager


I have worked for IMH for over 2 years as Recruitment Operations Manager. We’ve successfully hired a wide range of clinicians during this time – ANPs, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Associates, Clinical Pharmacists and of course GPs (ST3s, experienced GPs and Clinical Leads) – which supports the skill mix within our sites. I get a real sense of achievement hearing all the positive feedback from our new joiners and I know the team do too.

I also manage International Recruitment, which is an exciting initiative for us. We’ve helped EU GPs through the Induction and Refresher Scheme and offered them roles in our practices. We provide guidance and assistance with all aspects of registration and relocation, in addition to offering them a free 2-day course which has received excellent feedback.

It’s great to work for a forward-thinking organisation which supports the NHS with the 5-year Forward View and its long-term workforce plans.

Gemma Bradshaw, Recruitment Operations Manager


I joined IMH in June 2017 having previously worked as a Rota Coordinator for a large Pharmacy. 

I have enjoyed a challenging and exciting 6 months with what I believe to be a forward thinking and emerging company.

A lot of my time is spent working with the Rotamaster system which I am now starting to embed with the Practice Managers who I am enjoying working with and meeting when I have had the opportunity to visit them and experience life “on the shop floor”!

It is clear to me that staff welfare is high on the IMH agenda. My colleagues have been nothing but welcoming and supportive and I have quickly felt part of the team.

I am pleased to be contributing to the IMH story and am looking forward with confidence to a very successful future.

Lorraine Sharrock – Rota and Compliance Co-ordinator – North


Great Bridge Surgery

I have worked for IMH since February 2016 managing 2 sites. My GP background was nil but I experienced  a seamless transition into the role due to the amount of support that I received from different elements of the business. I joined IMH at a very exciting time with each day bringing a different challenge. However the flip side of a challenge is that of a reward and my time so far has been extremely rewarding in various ways whether it be achieving a GOOD CQC rating or 5* feedback on NHS choices. The people at all levels have been extremely supportive (and often very patient) as well as welcoming. Each day is completely different with the business growing and developing every day. Whoever said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks (so to speak) doesn’t work for IMH!

Glenys McCarron, Practice Manager in Birmingham

 How Cambridge Access Surgery Is Changing The Lives Of Hundreds Of Homeless People

IMH’s Cambridge Access Surgery is a clinic created exclusively for homeless people rather than the general public. Earlier this year it was inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the comprehensive analysis deemed the service to be ‘outstanding’.

Yvonne Ellis, Cambridge Access Surgery’s Practice Manager said:

“Receiving an “Outstanding” rating from the Care Quality Commission reflects the actual “Team” work we do at Cambridge Access Surgery.  

“I feel that the main contributing factor to this is “Communication”. Be it with patients, peers or other agencies alike.  Through excellent communication we are able to work closely as a team enabling everyone to understand the role they have in ensuring the smooth running of the practice and the safety and welfare of patients and staff.  

“Achieving “Outstanding” has made us even stronger as a team with the hunger to strive to do even more for the vulnerable patients we treat.”

Read the full article here

 Induction & Refresher Scheme

Course participants from our 2 day course designed to help practitioners pass the Induction & Refresher (I&R) Scheme said:

“The course was amazingly helpful. Before I had only a vague notion of what the I&R Scheme was and what the MCQ and SS were all about. I had no clear idea of what was expected of me, what the exam would focus on, or even how or what to study. The course not only provided clear answers to all these questions in an easy to understand manner, which greatly reduced my anxiety regarding the tests, but also gave me specific and actionable strategies and tips to increase the chances of success at the exam. I now feel much more capable of adequately preparing for the exam, and have confidence in my ability to get a good result.”

“Wonderful course, very comprehensive and finally a live GP who answers all our questions about UK practice. It was important to find out about the local culture and way of doing things. I liked that we had a quick overview of the NHS system, and moreover, that we got a handout for later studying.

“I’m really glad we went over all aspects of the exams, the division for first and second day was great. I loved the opportunity to practice the simulated surgery with the actors and teachers. So thanks for the great weekend. All my questions were answered.”

“Thank you for being so attentive to all our needs. The course was a success, very informative in outlining how to get through all the bureaucracy and providing an overview of the process.”

“It was definitely very helpful. Meeting other GPs was really beneficial. I got a lot of new useful resources and having the opportunity to watch and participate in simulated surgeries was great.”  


Greek GP Iraklis Pentelidakis shares his experience with IMH after completing a supervised placement on the Induction & Refresher Scheme. Click the video to learn more about his experience.



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